Best Paper Awards


MICCAI Society "Enduring Impact Award" (Sponsored by Philipis)

Award for publications with measurable contributions that have proven, persistent impact on the field of medical image analysis and interventions. Nominations by MICCAI Board and MICCAI Society members. An award is made to a senior researcher whose work and publications have achieved one or more of the following:

  • Made an enduring mark on the field
  • Opened up new area of research
  • Provided a solution to an unsolved problem and/or significant research question
  • Produced a working system or practical implementation with high clinical impact
  • Published at MICCAI at least 5 years ago
  • Significant number of citations since publication
  • Evidence of continuing citations and/or use in practice

Winner: Russ Taylor

  • Founding father of Medical Robotic Research
  • Concepts incorporated in modern surgical robots incl Da Vinci
  • Consummate educator and ambassador
  • MICCAI Founding member and Fellow
    • Brought Medical Robotics and Computer-assisted Surgery (MRCAS) community into MICCAI
    • MICCAI owes its CAI part to Russ!
  • 158 Papers; ~2,000 citations


  • Robotic Orthopaedic Surgery
    Taylor, R.H. et al, "An Image-directed Robotic System for Precise Orthopaedic Surgery." IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation, 1994, 10(3): p. 261-275.
  • Mechanically-constrained remote-center-of-motion mechanisms and systems for minimally-invasive surgery
    Taylor, R.H et al "Augmentation of Human Precision in Computer-Integrated Surgery." Innovation et Technologie en Biologie et Medicine, 1992, 13(4) (special issue on computer assisted surgery): p. 450-468.
  • Steady-Hand Manipulation and Augmentation of Human Precision in Microsurgery
    Taylor, R., et al., "A Steady-Hand Robotic System for Microsurgical Augmentation". International Journal of Robotics Research, 1999. 18(12): p. 1201-1210).


Best Medical Robotics Paper (Sponsored by Intuitive Surgical)

This award recognizes outstanding work in the area of medical reobotics and interventional devices and systems. Relevant topics include the design, development and evaluation of devices and robotic systems, and their integration with navigation and imaging technologies for enhanced clinical efficacy and patient value.

Selection Process:

  • 12 papers related to this topic
  • 3 person review committee
  • Selected a best paper and runner-up

Robust 3D Visual Tracking for Robotic-assisted Cardiac Interventions

RogerioRicha, Antonio P. L. Bo, and Philippe Poignet

Micro-force Sensing in Robot Assisted Membrane Peeling for VitreoretinalSurgery

MarcinBalicki, Ali Uneri, IulianIordachita, James Handa, Peter Gehlbach, and Russell Taylor 

MICCAI 2009 Elsevier MedIA-MICCAI Prizemedia-cover

Elsevier and Medical Image Analysis are proud sponsor the MICCAI 2009 Best Papers Awards at MICCAI 2010 in Beijing in September 2010. We congratulate the winners:

  • Jihun Hamm, Dong Hye Ye, Ragini Verma, Christos Davatzikos for their paper, "GRAM: A framework for geodesic registration on anatomical manifolds"
  • Samuel Gerber, Tolga Tasdizen, P. Thomas Fletcher, Sarang Joshi, Ross Whitaker and the Alzheimers Disease Neuroimaging Initiative for their paper, "Manifold modeling for brain population analysis"
    Elsevier MedIA-MICCAI Prize



Important Dates

February 1, 2010 (Extended to February 26) Tutorial and workshop proposals
March 1, 2010 Acceptance of tutorials and workshops
March 11, 2010 Submission of full papers
April 20-22, 2010 Rebuttal of reviews
May 18, 2010 Notification of acceptance
June 18, 2010 Camera ready copy of papers due
August 1, 2010 Deadline for early bird registration
September 20-24, 2010 Tutorials, Conference, Workshops